Charging your company car

We have chosen Clever as our partner in order for you to recharge your company car quick and easily – whether you are on the road, at work or at home.

We, at ALD Automotive, have seen an increasing interest among our clients in green company cars and we expect that the future will include more sustainable mobility solutions. Therefore, one of our greatest focuses is making it as easy as possible to choose an electric company car at ALD Automotive through ALD Electric. It is therefore possible to choose between different charging solutions that fit your needs, through your company’s car policy.


Charging by Clever 

The partnership with Clever ensures an easy and accessible charging solution whether you want to recharge at home, at work or at one of Clever’s various charging stations in Denmark and Europe. 

Clever Complete

Charging of electric vehicles at home and abroad

Clever Complete is the complete solution for you that wishes to charge the company car at home and on Clever's charging network. With a charging station at home, you can charge the car during the night and start the following day with renewed energy. The Clever Complete subscription also gives you access to Clever's public charging network – Denmark's largest.

With Clever Complete you get: 

  • Access to Denmark's largest charging network
  • Charging when it suits your needs – on the roard, at work, or at home
  • Installation and loan of Clever's intelligent charging box
  • Intelligent charging tailored to you, which takes into account your electricity price, CO2 footprint and the load of the power grid
  • Clever's app with an overview of charging points and consumption
  • Automatic reimbursement on some of the electric costs you pay your electric supplier when charging at home
  • Potential discount with Clever Power
  • 24/7 customer support from Clever


Clever Complete Network

Charging on Clever's charging network

If it is not possible to install a charging station at your home, then it might be a great solution to choose Clever Complete Network. Clever Complete Network subscription gives you access to Clever’s public charging network. With Clever's app, you can easily find the next available charging point. 

With Clever Complete Network you get:

  • Access to Denmark's largest charging network
  • Possibility to charge at your job, when shopping, and at plenty of public charging points
  • Quick charging stations meant for meaningful pauses while charging
  • 24/7 customer support from Clever


New energy fee for Complete subscriptions

Europe is facing an energy crisis characterised by historically high electricity prices, and so Clever has been left with no option but to introduce a fee on their subscriptions. Customers with a Clever Complete subscription will now be charged an energy fee which takes fluctuating electricity prices into account and will therefore vary in line with the market rate. This fee is not based on the kWh usage of the company car-user but rather on an average of 500 kWh per month for an electric car and 250 kWh per month for a plug-in hybrid. This means there are only two energy fees to consider – one for electric cars and one for plug-in hybrids. 

Read more about the new energy fee here.

Clever’s charging network 

Clever has one of the largest charging networks in Denmark, which is continually growing day by day. Clever’s charging stations are strategically placed where you need them the most. Therefore, you will find them along highways, traffic hubs, in hundreds of parking lots and many other places.

 If you find yourself outside of the Danish boarders, you will also find Clever’s charging stations – both in Germany, Sweden and other Nordic countries. By using Clever’s app, you can easily find charging stations on the way by using Clever’s app. By using Clever’s charging map, you will also be able to find the nearest charging station.

Installation of a charging station at home

Clever’s experienced electricians will assess if an at-home-charging-solution is possible at your home, if so, they will ensure a safe and correct installation of the charging station. When the electrician is done, you are free to recharge your electric car as you please. 


How to get charging of your company car with Clever 

When you order an electric company car at ALD Automotive, you automatically order a Clever subscription, whether you get an electric or a plug-in hybrid car. You only have to choose between a Clever Complete or Clever Complete Network subscription. Hereafter, Clever will contact you about the last details.

Do you have any questions? Clever is always ready to guide you.

Intelligent charging directly from the driveway

With intelligent charging enabled on Clever's charging box, car users can easily charge 
their car when the electricity price is lower and the CO2 footprint is lower. At the same 
time, charging is pushed outside the grid's busiest hours. The app tells you how much to 
charge and when to use the car. Then every day the system sets a new intelligent 
charging plan completely automatically.

Another advantage is the possible profit that one can get on the reimbursement. 
Intelligent charging ensures that the car user charges in the cheapest hours, while the 
reimbursement rate is an average of all the hours of the night – including the more 
expensive ones.

Of course, the car user is always in full control and can start charging immediately if 


Are you a fleet manager and should Clever be part of your company’s car policy? 

Get the complete overview of the expenses of charging your fleet 

Using Clever as your fleet administrator will give you optimal conditions to offer a great charging solution.

When you buy a Clever Complete subscription – which includes the installation of a charging box at home – the cost for the charging box plus its standard installation will be included in your monthly subscription price. This also means that if you cancel your subscription before the end of your contract, you will incur a cost for the time left on your lease period. 

The specific amount will depend on how early in the contract term you decide to unsubscribe. 

You will also incur a charge of DKK 2.000 excl. VAT for removal of the charging box at the end of your contract – unless a new electric company car has already been ordered. 

At ALD Automotive, our experts are ready and waiting to advise you on the best subscription and charging solution for your company’s fleet.

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*Applies to standard installation which entails no extra costs such as excavation work, for example.


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