About vans in particular

Whether you are in the large group with hundreds of vehicles, a small company with a few driving salesmen or the entrepreneur with a need for specially decorated vans, we have the right option for you.

Our gathered fleet consist of approximately 50/50 passenger vehicles and vans, and we have almost 25.000 vehicles in the streets of Denmark in total. Therefore, we can, with ease at mind, claim that we can help you with your exact needs for cars as we have tried most things before.

We are deliverable in all vehicle brands that deliver vans, so we have every possibility to accommodate your preferences. That way, you will also enjoy our procurement agreements as part of one of Denmark’s largest vehicle companies.

Complete solution ready to use

We offer an overall solution where your new yellow plate vehicle is being delivered complete with, among other things, foiling and interior design that suits the purpose of the car and the company. This minimizes your wasted time and ensures your company’s mobility. Also, we offer solar energy for your van so that you can charge for example power tools in the vehicle without overloading the generator. We always offer highly qualified counseling on car selection, leasing solutions and optimal interior design of your van.