Key Account Team

Your Key Account Team at ALD is your very own pit-crew. They are with you all the way and they make sure that you always have the most optimum solution. Your Key Account Manager knows your entire fleet and thinks of it as a whole. 

As a costumer at ALD Automotive, you have the best crew at your service. The crew consists of three contact persons, who help administering your fleet and make your everyday life easier: One Key Account Manager, one Car Advisor, and one Service Account Manager. 


Key Account Manager

  • Responsible for your daily cooperation, including contractual basis, joint strategy, and car policy
  • Performs analyses and optimizes the operation of your fleet
  • Conducts satisfaction surveys among the drivers to ensure a high satisfaction rate

Car Advisor

  • Ensures daily dialogue with the drivers
  • Offers car advice based on the principles of ”Best Buy” and ”Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO)
  • Gives advice on the latest car news and campaign offers
  • Prepares quotes and follows up on contract expirations

Service Account Manager

  • Receives and takes care of all requests and questions regarding the current fleet, for example concerning mileage log, consumption, automotive engineering, or insurance
  • Composes deviation reports and fleet reports
  • Calculates taxes and fees 
  • Administrates fuel cards
  • Manages miscellaneous urgent matters connected to operation of the fleet

Car policy

If your company has a car policy, your entire Key Account Management team makes sure to match all leasing offers to this, so that you will get a fully tailored solution.

Read more about car policy here.

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