ALD Flex: Short-term rental cars

ALD Flex is a solution that lets you on the road quickly. You can rent a car for a shorter period of time, for example if you need a temporary car for a few months. 

At ALD Automotive, we have a fleet of our own cars that we offer for rent. This way, we always have a car available when you need it. ALD Flex cars are offered at competitive prices and come with free kilometres.

Rental cars for all occasions

ALD Flex can be the sensible temporary solution if an employee is hired for a trial period or on a fixed-term contract. 

Waiting time from when you order your new car until we can deliver it may occur. In such situations, ALD Flex is a great solution. 

Large selection at competitive prices

Through ALD Flex, you have access to a large selection of passenger cars at competitive rates. Furthermore, administration is made easy as all invoicing is conducted by ALD exclusively.

Booking and prices

If you want to book an ALD Flex rental car or inquire about prices, you can contact our employees at ALD Flex directly on +45 33 55 80 90 or We will help you find the right car for your specific needs.  

All ALD Flex cars must be picked up at one of our locations in either Fredericia or Taastrup, but delivery is also possible for a fee.