Returning your company car

Sooner or later, your leased company car will have to be returned and will, hopefully, be replaced by a new one. Get an overview of the return process here.

The car must be returned to an FDM test center on the expiration date. If the expiration date falls on a weekend/public holiday, the vehicle must be returned on the last working day before the planned expiry of the contract. If you are booking an appointment for the inspection and there are no available time slots on the ordinary expiry date, the vehicle must be returned on the day before.

Returning your company car

When you book an appointment online, you (or a representative from your company) have the option to follow the test assistant's inspection from a distance. When the inspection is completed, we will examine the report together to ensure that potential damages and defects are documented in the report. 

Check-in guides

For further details on the inspection, e.g., your checklist before the return and information on how the vehicle is inspected for any damage and defects, see our detailed check-in guides here:

How to book an appointment online

When booking an appointment, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to FDM's website here.
  2. Enter your car's registration number/license plate.
  3. Select your preferred FDM test center.
  4. Select date and time.
  5. Registration of personal data.
  6. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which you must present at the check-in.

Get an overview of the fees

You can download the list of fees and get a price overview on, e.g., early termination of contract, discontinuance etc. We reserve the right to make prices changes.