Returning your company car

Sooner or later, your car will have to be returned and, hopefully, replaced by a new one. The leased car must be returned via a FDM test center.

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The car must be returned on the expiry date. If the expiry date falls on a weekend/public holiday, the vehicle must be returned on the last working day before the planned expiry of the contract. If there are no available time slots on the ordinary expiry date, the vehicle may be returned on the day before. Alternatively, the vehicle may be returned at one of the following FDM test centres without a prior appointment. The vehicle will be checked in without the lessee being present.

FDM test centres that may be used: Ballerup, Hillerød, Taastrup, Næstved, Slagelse, Odense, Fredericia, Esbjerg, Holstebro, Randers, Silkeborg and Aalborg. 

The booking procedure is as follows:

  • Enter the registration number/licence plate
  • Select FDM test centre
  • Select date and time
  • Registration of personal data

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which you present at check-in. We recommend that you or a company representative attend the check-in. You should set aside around 30 minutes for this.

Inspection of the vehicle

The vehicle is inspected on the expiry of the contract. Any damage due to installation of extra equipment, or traffic and collision damage, must either be reported to the insurance company or paid by the lessee.

For further details on how we inspect the vehicle for any damage and defects, see our detailed handover guide here:

Check list on returning a company car

Vehicles must always be washed and cleaned (i.e. exterior washed and interior vacuumed) before being returned, and emptied of any private belongings. You should also return part 1 of the registration certificate, if this has been issued to you.

You can download the list of fees and get a price overview on eg. early termination of contract, discontinuance etc. This list is constantly updated.