Why choose full service leasing of company cars?

There are many good reasons to choose leasing, rather than owning a car fleet. Read more about the benefits here, and how we support them with our expertise and advice.

Any company that runs a company car scheme should regularly assess how the scheme and the car fleet can best support its business. ALD fleet management will steer you towards TCO savings, based on a fixed, well-functioning framework for running your company cars. We make sure that your requirements concerning finance, mobility, environment and employees are met.

Instead of budgets being a constraint, we make them work for you

By delegating administration of your car fleet to us, you can escape the current risks and resource constraints, and focus on the activities that add value for your company. Once the framework for the car solution has been set up between us, you can leave the day-to-day running of your car fleet to us. You will retain a financial overview, while we keep your car fleet running soundly and efficiently, at minimal TCO. We bear the financial risk for the administration of your company's car fleet, and you can rest assured that your car budgets are sound.

Predictable TCO for cars requires full insight

The car's purchase price is just part of a car fleet's TCO. It is also vital to consider depreciation and the ongoing operating costs of a well-managed car fleet. Our advice is therefore based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our TCO calculations show the actual cost of a company car throughout the leasing period, so that you can be certain that your decisions are always based on the car's total cost of ownership.

When did you last give your car fleet an overhaul?

For ALD Automotive, partnership with our customers is at the core of our car solutions. The division of work is clear: You maintain a full overview, and we take care of day-to-day administration and the practical details. Car by car, and kilometre by kilometre. Our advice not only means delivering budget security, but also that your fixed ALD team ensure that the financing and administration of your car fleet are continuously monitored.

Together we can create an individual company car policy

Choose ALD Automotive as your leasing partner and we will handle every aspect of your company's car policy. This company car policy is the basis for optimum overall financial handling of the car fleet, and we set this policy according to your requirements and expectations, combined with our advice. The company car policy's philosophy and principles put the terms for your car fleet in a fixed, well-functioning framework, in terms of both financial and environmental aspects.