ALD Automotive offers an insurance that can be taken out as part of your leasing contract. With ALD Insurance, we make administration of the car fleet even easier for you, and we ensure quality counseling in the event of incidents or damages.

If the damage is done

Our skilled caseworkers are trained at the Insurance Academy. If an incident occurs, they are always ready to process the claim. The damage can quickly and easily be reported on My ALD or via the phone.


As a fleet administrator, you can always download damage reports from My ALD. These reports provide an overview of the individual user's damage patterns and help prevent damage in the future. Naturally, we will also assist you via the phone with advice on safe driving and other actions that can minimize the number of damages.

Replacement car on us

If an incident occurs and you need a replacement car, any expenses for the replacement car are on us. 

Traffic policy

Does your company have a defined traffic policy? If not, we are ready to advice and guide the employees to become even better drivers. A traffic policy for example includes a clear common position on how to behave in the traffic.


ALD Automotive collaborates with various operators, such as Falck, SOS International, and FDM, who all take part in helping you through any accidents or damages.

Coverage with ALD Insurance

Third party liability 

  • Covers up to DKK 115 mill. per damage
  • Covers personal injury, but not for the driver (driver accident insurance can be taken out) 
  • We take care of insurance claims from the counterpart – we also refuse claims on behalf of the costumer if necessary
  • A charge of 42.9 % needs to be paid to the government. This is included in the premium for the full insurance
  • Covers damages on our terms (mechanical damages are not covered)
  • Covers up to the value of the car
  • We help putting through claims for the counterpart if necessary 
  • For damages that occurr abroad, we can help with language issues, payment of the repairment, repatriation, and putting through claims for examåle via SOS International
  • Covers transportation to the nearest authorized repair workshop (Falck)
  • No collection of VAT or fees regarding damages

Advantages of ALD Insurance

With ALD Insurance, you receive competent counseling, quick response times, one overall invoice including both insurance premium and leasing payment, in-depth damage analysis and much more. Read more about the advantages below.

  • The insurance can be terminated from day to day, i.e., there is no renewal date
  • You can easily and conveniently fill out claims online or by phone
  • When the damage is great and a counterpart is involved, only one damage claim is necessary
  • Damage reports can be requested and downloaded directly from My ALD
  • You will only receive a single overall invoice, as the premium is charged along with the leasing payment
  • We help with various initiatives to minimize damages, for example test tracks at FDM
  • We can provide a damage analysis
  • You have the same insurance company across borders
  • When the damage is done, we guarantee quick response times to both user and fleet administrator within a day after the claim is received 
  • Discounts at selected repair workshops 
  • Low appraiser expenses (no appraiser needed for smaller damages) 
  • Fixed premium – however, the events are evaluated once a year, and if the damage percentage is over 70, the premium is increased


ALD Automotive’s insurance team can be contacted all weekdays:

  • Monday– Thursday 8:00 am. – 4:30 pm.
  • Friday  8:00 am. - 4:00 pm.

Contact us at +45 33 55 80 60 or


33 55 80 60