ALD Releasing: Corporate leasing of used cars

With ALD Releasing, we offer leasing of company cars that have been leased to our customers once before. For this reason, we know these cars very well and can vouch that they are as good as new, while we can offer them at an exceptionally good price.

Benefits of leasing an ALD Releasing car

  • Nice cars at low monthly leasing prices
  • We offer budget security - you know all your costs throughout the lease term
  • The cars are already packed with equipment and accessories
  • We offer fast delivery as the cars are readily available in our showrooms
  • The quality is high, and the cars are as good as new
  • No risk in terms of loss of value or service costs
  • The cars have a complete service history

In addition to this, you will as an ALD Releasing customer enjoy the same benefits as all other customers in ALD Automotive. This means that you get qualified advice, service included, significant discounts on fuel and car wash, free pick-up and return in connection with service inspections, attractive tax base, access to My ALD, easy administration, and much more.

The ALD Releasing cars can be calculated from 12 to 36 months (or highest possible) and from 10.000 to 40.000 km. on a yearly basis.


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How to order an ALD Releasing car