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Our employees are the central element in ALD’s current and future success, and our goal is to continuously attract, develop, and retain highly motivated, competent, and result-oriented employees.

We believe that the right employees are what makes all the difference; both with regards to being an attractive workplace and regarding the achievement of positive business results.

For the same reason, it is essential for us to promote a strong and value-based company culture so that our employees can and will take responsibility to strengthen and develop our business. Below, you can read more about ALD as a workplace.

International company leading mobility

ALD Automotive is the world’s largest car leasing company with 1.6 million cars on the roads across the globe and a goal to reach 2.3 million in 2025. In addition to this, we have the best geographical coverage of any full-service leasing company worldwide, covering 43 countries directly and 16 more through our global partner alliance.

For the past several years, we have been market leaders in Denmark, and since 1997, we have grown from 11 to 160 employees who are all part of the global, international network of 6,500 people.

Our international 5-year strategic plan “Move 2025” is set out to ensure that ALD Automotive becomes a fully integrated sustainable mobility provider and the global leader in our industry before 2025. Naturally, the employees remain an essential part of fulfilling this ambition. We have a large focus on HR, as our employees are the ones who create value for the customers in their everyday lives and the ones who help us move towards our ambition to be the green, digital, and responsible frontrunners of the industry.

As an employee in ALD Automotive, you will become part of a large, international network in a leading mobility company with great ambitions.

A job with a purpose – employee focus and sustainability

Even though ALD Automotive is a large multinational organization, the Danish part of the company is still of a size that allows everyone to have their voices heard and make a difference.

In particular, our company culture is characterized by the employees’ willingness, energy, and aspiration to innovate and challenge status quo. As such, together, we are capable of rethinking the business based on common values and goals.

At ALD, we do everything we can to accelerate the green transition – both internally and among our clients. We offer all types of green cars, concentrate our efforts on our ALD Electric product, and provide the best facilities for our customers, making it easy for them to opt for sustainability. Currently, we have more than 152,000 electric vehicles on the roads globally, but our ambitions are much higher, and we are constantly working on how to think company cars more sustainably.

As an employee at ALD, you will, thus, also become part of a company where the employees are being heard and where green transition has a high priority, providing the job with a purpose.

Great options for career development

At ALD, there are good options for both professional and personal development in our international environment. Regardless of your job title, we expect that you constantly broaden your competences and that you seek out new perspectives and teamwork with a curious mind. As an employee, you yourself are responsible for this, but your managers will be there to support you every step of the way. Each year, we complete a performance cycle, ensuring that you have your goals set, that these are evaluated, and that you will be rewarded accordingly.

Common to all ALD markets is “The Strategic Talents Initiative”, which seeks to detect, develop, and retain strategic talents at ALD by giving those employees with extraordinary potential prospects for advancement within the organization, thus ensuring internal succession plans for management positions as far as possible.

Furthermore, at ALD, we have made it a priority to promote women and international profiles to positions of responsibility in the organization’s governance bodies. Throughout ALD, there is widespread application of a principle of no age-based discrimination and naturally also a zero-tolerance of discrimination in all other respects. 

As an employee at ALD Automotive, you will thereby also enter an environment where internal promotions are not out of the ordinary, giving you endless possibilities for career development locally as well as internationally.

Focus on well-being, teamwork, and influence

ALD’s Human Resources policy is based on our vision, mission, and the values team spirit, innovation, responsibility, and commitment. This helps us set the framework for our method of attracting and developing qualified employees. “We care” is our mantra, which describes our employee approach, enabling us as a team to create the best results through dialogue, engagement, trust, and motivating leadership.

The flat hierarchy and room for differences at ALD enables all employees to have a great influence on their own tasks. In relation to this, we emphasize the importance of an open dialogue between the employee and the manager about the employee’s personal and professional development, continuously ensuring that expectations are aligned and that the employee is developing in the desired direction.

We are highly professional when communicating with our customers, but the internal working environment is immensely informal and filled with cheerfulness and laughter. In our open office space, we speak freely and take pride in being excellent colleagues who are interested in the private lives of one another. When we are not getting to know each other during the workdays, we have a great social program in our spare time, including Christmas lunches, summer parties, wine tasting, and work-out groups.

Being an employee at ALD Automotive has many benefits, and we are very proud of the good working conditions, the work/life balance, as well as our great facilities. But as with most things, there is always room for improvement. Through yearly employee satisfaction surveys, we delve into the details and listen to both favorable and critical comments with the continuous ambition to improve the well-being and satisfaction of our employees as well as the working conditions in the company.

Consequently, when you are employed at ALD Automotive, you will not only gain access to an international network, a job with a purpose, and great career development options. You will also get lifelong friends, a desire to get up and go to work every day, as well as great employee benefits. Read more about the employee benefits here.


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