Job & Career

Our employees are the cornerstone of ALD's present and future success, and our goal is to continuously attract, develop, and retain highly motivated, competent, value based, and result oriented employees. 

We believe that the right skills, attitudes and conduct are vital to ensuring that we are an attractive workplace and can achieve positive business results.

For several years, we have been the market leader in Denmark and since 1997, we have grown from 11 employees to 150 employees. Despite ALD Automotive’s global affiliation, the Danish part of the organization is not too large for each employee to have the chance to be heard and to make a difference.

Our company culture

ALD Automotive has a strong company culture characterized by each individual employee’s willingness, energy and desire to innovate and challenge status quo. Together, we innovate the business based on common values and targets.

As a service provider, our employees are of highest priority, as they are the key element in delivering value to our customers. It is therefore essential that we promote a strong, value-based company culture with room for everyone so that our employees can and will take responsibility for growing and improving our business.

Our personnel policy

Our personnel policy is based on our vision, mission and values. It sets the parameters for how we attract and develop a competent labour force.

Our mantra is "we care", which is the cornerstone of our personnel policy that describes the attitude toward ALD’s employees. This attitude highlights that the best results come from dialogue, commitment, trust and motivational management.

This can also be achieved on the secure basis of ALD’s values, goals, framework, relevant assignments, and open dialogue regarding our employees’ personal and professional development.

A basis for further development can only be created if our employees actively participate in and are committed to ALD’s development; that they like and are ready for change; and most importantly that they can identify with ALD’s values and corporate philosophy.

Our values

Team Spirit - Innovation – Responsibility - Commitment

These are our values in our day-to-day work and our guide in everything we do in relation to our customers, business partners and colleagues.