Damages and glass damage

If your car is insured via ALD, you can get information about how to act if an accident occurs and the damage is done. We have our own damage department, so that you are ensured quick and flexible service. 

What to do if the damage is done?

If car damage occurs, and you are ensured via ALD Automotive, you must follow these steps:

  • Find a car repair shop that covers your car brand in your area on My ALD
  • Contact the car repair shop on the telephone – book an appointment for reparation and inform them that your company car is insured with ALD
  • Fill out your damage report online via My ALD. See how to report a damage in the video below (Danish)


What to do in case of glass damage? 

All stone chips can crack- large as well as small. Stone chips crack when the pressure in the stone chip becomes too big, and many factors contribute to heightening the pressure. Here, both the age of the chip and the temperature has an important role. Carglass is ALD Automotive’s preferred glass supplier, and they can help you whether the stone chips need to be repaired or the windshield needs to be changed.

In case of glass damage, you need to do the following:

  • Call +45 43 22 98 72 or book an appointment online on carglass.dk/ALD. The quicker the stone chip is repaired, the smaller the risk is for the windshield cracking and having to be changed
  • You can put a windshield plaster over the stone chip, so that humidity or dirt will not make the damage worse while waiting for reparation. Windscreen plasters can be requisitioned at +45 43 22 98 72 or at carglass.dk/ALD
  • You decide whether Carglass should come to you, or if you wish to use one of their workshops. If your car has a camera connected to the windshield, it needs to be calibrated after windshield change. Although for some car brands, it is required that the calibration takes place on a Carglass-repair shop with the help of a board.
  • If you have an insurance via ALD Automotive Carglass takes care of the payment hereby

Glass damage in Europe

Carglass can also help you if you get glass damage in Europe. You simply call Carglass in Denmark at +45 43 22 98 72, which will make sure that their fellow enterprises in other countries help you. Afterwards, Carglass takes care of the payment with your insurance company. 

Temporary rental car – on us!

If your company car is insured via ALD Automotive, we offer you a lending car when it comes to damages through selected car repair shops. As it is not all car repair shops that have as many lending cars available, we recommend that you book an appointment for reparation early.

Lending cars are offered with certain conditions when choosing a car repair shop from the list at My ALD, and the car repair shop needs to have a lending car available at the preferred date. If your car has total damage, no lending car will be offered.

Conisder that the lending car needs to be returned with a full fuel tank. If the lending car Is not returned with a full fuel tank and the agreed kilometers is exceeded, the car repair shop will charge a fee that will be passed on to you.

Not an insurance customer yet?

If you are still not insurance customer with us, you can contact ALD’s insurance department at telephone +45 33 55 80 60 and hear more about which insurance solution we can offer to your company. We have broad coverage and competitive pricing.

33 55 80 60