Car policy

Your job is clear: You need to make the most of your employees, your resources, and your company cars. We can help you by preparing an individual car policy for your company and thereby provide you with a fixed plan for purchases for as well as operation and administration of your fleet.

Individually optimised car policy

A car policy is a fixed plan for the entire fleet. It ensures that the fleet is fully optimized and meets all requirements when it comes to economics, legislation, and the environment, among other things. When your company has a car policy, the employees’ driving habits can be steered in the wished upon direction by you and the company. That way, you create more clever and optimized mobility together. We help you prepare a car policy based on the company’s business model and goals, the car needs of the employees, the car budget, as well as local legislation.

Review of your existing car policy

If your company already has a defined car policy, we can help you by reviewing and updating it as well as making sure it is complied with. We will ensure that you are fully updated on the latest legislation and the newest trends on the market relevant to you, your company, and your fleet. If your current car policy needs an update, we will review your current approach to mobility as well as your existing car policy together with you and check it against your company here and now. The result will be a brand-new car policy tailored to your current needs as well as the needs of your company and the fleet.

Fokus på alle omkostningerne

Our advising is based on your car budget. We focus on the combined expenses for every single car and for the fleet’s total economy, including depreciation, insurance, fuel costs as well as unpredicted expenses, which always turn up along the way. As a fleet administrator, you always have online access to the most updated information on every single car and on the entire fleet on My ALD.

10 gode råd til bilpolitik

We have collected our best pieces of advice for a well-defined car policy here. The illustration provides you with an overview of everything that needs to be considered when preparing or updating a car policy. If you wish to hear more about how ALD can help you with your car policy, you are more than welcome to contact us. If you are already a costumer, please contact your Key Account Manager.

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