Car Policy

You've got one job: You must get the most optimal out of your employees, your resources, and your company cars. We can help you with this through formulation of an individual car policy for your company, so that you get a fixed driving plan for purchasing, operating and administration of your car fleet.

A car policy is a fixed driving plan for the whole car fleet. It makes sure that the fleet is fully optimized and lives up to all requirements regarding, among other things, economy, legislation, and environment. When you company has a car policy the employees’ driving habits can be lead in the direction that the company and you wish, so that you can create smarter and more optimized mobility together.

New tailored car policy or optimization of existing car policy

We help formulating a car policy with baseline in the company’s business model and -goal, the employees car needs, the car budget as well as relevant local legislation.

If your company already has a car policy, we can help walking through, updating, and complying with it. We make sure that you are fully updated on the newest legislation and the newest market trends that are relevant for you, your company and your car fleet.

If your fleet’s current car policy needs an update, we will together talk over the company’s current approach to mobility as well as the existing car policy and compare it with the company today. The result will be a whole new car policy that is tailored to your, your company’s and the fleet’s fully updated needs.

10 good pieces of advice for your car policy 

We have gathered our best advice to a good car policy. The overviewprovides a good look into all the things that should be considered when a new car policy is being put together or updated.



Focus on all expenses

Our guidance takes starting point in your car budget. We focus on the gathered expenses for each and every car and for the fleet’s total economy, including value loss, insurance, fuel expenses and unexpected expenses that always turn up along the way. And as fleet administrator you will always have online access to highly topical information about each car and about the gathered car fleet at My ALD.

Do you need more information or got any questions?

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If your company is already a costumer with us, you can contact your Key Account Manager for advice.


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