Vehicle safety inspection

In accordance with Section 54 of the Danish Transport Act, passenger vehicles and vans must be called in for periodic inspection for the first time four years after the vehicle's registration, and then every second year.

The Danish Transport and Construction Agency will automatically call in the vehicle for its statutory inspection 6-8 weeks before the deadline.

ALD pays the inspection costs and the leasee is responsible for delivering the vehicle for its inspection when required.

Guide to when you have to deliver your company car for its periodic inspection

If your company car is to be returned to ALD before it is four years old, you do not need to deliver it for periodic inspection, even if you return your company car the day before it reaches the age of four years. You can just ignore the notice.

If your car is to run for longer than 4 years, you must observe the periodic inspection deadline. 

It is important that the user/lessee observes the periodic inspection deadline, since the otherwise fine is DKK 2,000 and, in worst case, the police can confiscate the vehicle's licence plates.

We make it easy for you to observe the periodic inspection deadline

You can book an inspection slot online. You just need to enter the time that suits you, and we will handle the administration.

The procedure is as follows:

1. The periodic inspection notice is sent directly to the lessee.

2. The user can book a periodic inspection slot here (re-inspection can be booked here).

  • Enter registration number/licence plate.
  • Select periodic inspection venue.
  • Select date and time.
  • Registration of personal data.

3. The periodic inspection report and bill are automatically sent to ALD.

Periodic inspection testing at FDM takes around 30 minutes.

If the vehicle unexpectedly fails its periodic inspection, you must contact ALD Customer Service immediately on +45 33 55 80 50.