Besides making sure that you enjoy working for us, we also wish to ensure that you are the right person for the job. We therefore have a thorough, yet friendly, recruitment process, in order to mutually align our expectations. 


Both HR and the recruiting manager read all applications, and choose the candidates to be invited to an interview, in the initial stage of the recruitment process.

First interview

Typically, 5–7 candidates are invited to an in-depth first interview. In addition to the recruiting manager, an HR representative or other colleague may also attend. The purpose of the first interview is:

  • to inform you of the job’s scope and opportunities, and to give you a brief introduction to ALD;
  • to give you the opportunity to present yourself and your qualifications;
  • to enable the manager to obtain enough information to assess whether your skills match the requirements set for the job;
  • to give you the opportunity to assess whether the job matches your own expectations;
  • to align expectations concerning salary and employment terms; and
  • to invite selected candidates to complete a proficiency test. 

Test and second interview

After the first interview, 2 or 3 applicants will be invited to a second interview, which also includes a personality profile test. The purpose of this test is to map your personal preferences in terms of job roles, and to study your working style and methods. The personality profile questionnaire may be completed online prior to the interview.

Feedback on the test results will be given by an HR representative. At the meeting, it will be possible to elaborate and comment on the individual test areas.


Before any offer of employment you will be requested to submit evidence of a clean criminal record. References may also be obtained from your previous employers, but only with your prior consent. The employment decision ultimately lies with the recruiting manager, and you will be notified verbally if we choose to offer you employment. If we cannot offer you a job, you will receive a written or verbal notice of rejection.

Induction of new employees

ALD Automotive wishes all new employees to become familiar with their new workplace, including our culture and standards, as quickly as possible. An individual induction programme will be planned for you, which will include ALD Automotive’s organisational structure, mission, vision and values, as well as an introduction to the professional duties of the job. You will also be assigned a "mentor", who will serve as your first point of contact during the first three months, and who, together with the manager, will be responsible for the induction process at both the professional and social levels.

The introduction to your professional duties will include:

  • The professional objectives of the department and the position, and further expectations
  • Professional training as peer-to-peer instruction
  • Introduction to internal and external business partners.

The induction will take place over a suitable period of time, with regular follow-ups, until you have settled in and made a good start on your tasks and assignments.

Follow-up on the induction process

Your manager will hold a probationary interview with you after 2.5 months in order to set goals and also discuss how well the mutual expectations are being fulfilled. HR will hold a follow-up interview after three months of employment. This interview will be used to obtain feedback on the recruitment process and induction process, and your general well-being as an ALD employee.

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