Nordic/European cooperation

The Nordic and Baltic regions are one of our focus areas and present many benefits for companies with activities and a car fleet spanning the Nordic and Baltic countries


Nordic/Baltic cooperation can assure you financial scale benefits – while retaining local and professional advisory services in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries.

Cross-border handling

Multinational Groups often regard the Nordic/Baltic region as one market and overall region, rather than separate markets and countries.

It takes local expertise to handle a cross-border company car policy. And we also want to make this as easy as possible for you. Our Nordic concept therefore includes a single local point of contact when we implement your strategic decision on a Nordic or Baltic company car policy. You can also receive individual status and management reports on the car fleet's overall development, so that you can follow up on all your decisions.

Extensive local knowledge

In each of the Nordic/Baltic countries, well-established and efficient ALD departments are ready to help you. Our dedicated employees have in-depth knowledge of the national rules and local conditions, ensuring effective financial operation and administration of your car fleet.

Close cooperation with local and national dealers, fuel companies and other subsuppliers will ensure optimum pricing and good discount agreements. This is also your guarantee of efficient delivery and service.


  • Less administration
  • Wider overview
  • Nordic/Baltic company car policy
  • Easier establishment in a new country
  • Savings from optimising the entire Nordic/Baltic budget
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Online ordering of management reports
  • Professional advice based on local knowledge
  • Release of resources
  • Budget security due to fixed prices

European perspectives

Our departments across Europe mean that you can opt for a European perspective, if your company has activities all over Europe. ALD Automotive's extensive geographical coverage and an international team dedicated to helping business customers can give you all the advantages of a pan-European fleet administration agreement. Read more about ALD International.

ALD Automotive locations

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