Appointments when switching to summer/winter tires

Remember to book an appointment well in advance when it is time to change the wheels of your car. Book an appointment early when there is a larger selection of time slots, so you avoid unnecessary waiting time. In our experience, there can be up to three weeks of waiting time for a winter tire change after the first snow has fallen.

The process for making an appointment for tire change depends on whether you are a customer of Super Dæk Service or Euromaster. Read more about making an appointment at your tire center below.

If you have questions or need help, you can always contact ALD's technical department on +45 33 55 80 80.

Super Dæk Service

If you have previously had your tires changed at Super Dæk Service, you should receive an e-mail or an SMS with a pre-booking for your seasonal tire change during Febuary or March and during September or October. Remember to confirm the booking within four days if you wish to keep it. You also have the option to change or delete the pre-booking via the e-mail/SMS. If you have not yet received the e-mail/SMS and if you have previously had your tires changed at Super Dæk Service, you can book an appointment via My ALD.

If your car is new and you have not had tires changed at Super Dæk Service before, call the agreed Super Dæk Service department and make an appointment for a tire change. New tires are located in a central warehouse and these are not moved to your local department before you have booked an appointment for tire change. Find your local department here.


If you have previously had your tires changed at Euromaster, you should receive a reminder about a seasonal tire change by SMS during February or March and during September or October. If you do not hear anything, it may be because Euromaster does not have your contact information. In that case, you can book a tire change on Euromaster's website or by contacting Euromaster.

Where are my tires stored?

When you are a customer at ALD Automotive, you can log in to My ALD and see where your tires are stored.

Specifically concerning winter tires

If you get a new company car between October 15th and February 28th/29th, and winter tires are included, the car will automatically be delivered with winter tires. Note that as standard, winter tires are issued on steel rims without hubcaps.

Rules for use of winter tires, studded tires, and snow chains in Europe

In some other European countries, winter tires are mandatory in certain time periods. If you make frequent trips abroad, or go on skiing holidays, you should read more about the rules for using winter tires, studded tires and snow chains in Europe. Read more here

Wear indicator

All of our leased vehicles run on tires equipped with wear indicators. The tire needs to be replaced when the indicator is level with the main tread. 

When worn tires need to be replaced, you can contact one of our partners directly - log into My ALD for an overview. Remember to bring your service card.

Delivery of your company car at FDM

Note that when delivering your car at FDM, you do not need to bring your tires that are stored at either Euromaster or Super Dæk Service. Therefore, you can easily deliver your car, and we will contact and coordinate with the workshop that stores your tires.