Who we are

ALD Automotive is one of Denmark’s largest companies within leasing of company cars and fleet management. We take care of everything that involves the car fleet and every single company car.

Earlier, ALD Automotive was called Axus Danmark and it was established in 1997 by the purchase of Avis Leasing. In 2003, ALD Automotive was purchased by the French bank Société Générale. ALD Automotive has over 30 years of experience with operational leasing at the danish company car market. Today we are on a global level with more than 6.500 employees in 43 countries and have around 1,6 million driving cars. In Denmark you will meet 150 dedicated coworkers, who all strive to deliver the precise service and guidance that match your needs.

ALD Automotive’ s international 2025-goal is to become a fully integrated provider of sustainable mobility as well as becoming the global leader of the industry.

  • Our mission: We keep Denmark on the move with smarter mobility solutions
  • Our vision:  We strive to be no. 1 provider of smarter mobility solutions

Smarter mobility. Smarter future

Our business foundation relies on a complete operational leasing concept as well as fleet management of the company’s passenger cars and vans. We increase the efficiency, eliminate economical risks and handle administrative tasks when we work your company fleet. As one of Denmark’s largest buyer of company cars and appurtenant services we achieve significant economies of scale on the cars’ purchase price, interior, insurance, fuel etc. Benefits that our customers can enjoy in the shape of competitive pricing and a high service standard.

Outsourcing of car fleet

When outsourcing your car fleet to ALD Automotive, you ease the operations through effective, reliable and well-adjusted car solutions. We make sure that you get a foreseeable leasing solution with focus on all the essential aspects of your car fleet; work environment, technics, safety, environment and economy.

Optimal car fleet

Car leasing through ALD Automotive is based on the total leasing costs in order to ensure the lowest possible operational costs for the car fleet. This also ensures that each individual employee gets the best possible solution within the agreed framework.

Lower costs when leasing

Car leasing is about reducing the costs of company cars in your company while freeing up resources and risks. With car leasing, the capital can flow freely in your company instead of being tied to your cars. Moreover, with car leasing, the company can subtract VAT: 100 % on vans and a right to deduct on passenger cars. This is just one of the advantages of leasing your company cars versus buying.

At ALD, we ensure that you get the full overview of your car fleet, e.g., through a range of online tools and by gathering all activities on one single invoice.