Who we are

ALD Automotive is one of Denmark's largest companies within car leasing and fleet management. We take care of every aspect of the car fleet and individual company cars.

ALD Automotive manages more than 1.5 million company cars for our customers worldwide - 25,000 company cars in Denmark. We manage company cars in 43 countries and offer our customers complete car solutions.

As one of Denmark's largest purchasers of company cars and related services, we can achieve significant scale economies on a car's purchase price, interior, insurance, fuel, etc. The benefits for our customers include competitive prices and a high service level.

We have 150 dedicated employees with in-depth knowledge of the car industry, to give you the best advice and the best price.

Outsourcing the car fleet

By outsourcing your car fleet to ALD Automotive your operations will run more smoothly, thanks to efficient, reliable and customised car solutions. We make sure that you gain a clear leasing solution with focus on all the key aspects of your car fleet: working environment, technology, safety, environment and finances.

Optimum car fleet

Car leasing from ALD Automotive is based on the total cost of leasing, to keep the costs of running the car fleet as low as possible. This also ensures that each employee achieves the best possible solution within the agreed framework.

Lower costs of car leasing

Car leasing is about reducing the costs of company cars in your company. Car leasing is also about releasing resources and limiting risks. Leased cars allows your capital to work for your company, instead of being tied up in cars. Car leasing also provides VAT exemptions: 100% on vans and right to exemption for passenger vehicles.

ALD Automotive is one of the largest purchasers of cars in Denmark and we achieve a large number of scale economies, such as fuel discounts and competitive insurance premiums. We naturally pass on these benefits to our car leasing customers.

We ensure you a full overview of your car leasing solution, for example by including all activities on one straightforward invoice. The financial risk related to car leasing is carried by us, as your assurance that your budget will not be exceeded.

Over 30 years of experience with company cars

ALD Automotive was formerly called Axus Danmark, which was established in 1997 on the acquisition of Avis Leasing. In 2003, ALD Automotive was acquired by the French bank Société Générale. We have more than 30 years of experience with operational leasing in the Danish company car market.