Our flexible fleet management concept

We advise you on an optimum car fleet solution, based on our flexible concepts.

Risk cover

  • Leasing of all car models at a fixed and competitive price
  • Servicing, maintenance and summer tyres are included, based on our scale benefits 
  • No risks arising from the car fleet's depreciation, financing, and servicing and maintenance costs 
  • A precise overview of the car fleet via online access to the car fleet's key data on ALD's fleet portal


Advisory services

  • Advice, handling and optimisation of the company's car policy
  • Regular status meetings to ensure financial and environmental optimisation of the car fleet
  • ALD Fleet Management Reporting, to give an overview of the car fleet's development and potential optimisation areas 
  • ALD Bluefleet – optimisation of the car fleet's environmental aspects – including CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • Implementation of electric vehicles in the car fleet