Advantages of working with ALD

At ALD we believe that we can only ensure satisfied customers with satisfied employees, and our persuasion is that the path to happy employees is found through balance between job and leisure combined with attractive coworker-benefits.

The needs vary from employee to employee but the most important thing for us, is your well-being. We encourage open dialogue about challenges, expectations, and opportunities for you to accommodate your individual needs and potential situations that can occur. 

In order to establish a great work environment, we make sure that you can always expect:

  • A healthy and varied lunch arrangement
  • Fruit arrangement
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Health insurance and flu vaccines
  • Training facilities
  • Different health systems

Other than that, we also have a range of employee benefits such as:

  • A salary package that other than a fixed salary also includes an attractive pension
  • Five weeks off as well as seven additional vacation days
  • Car deals for all coworkers
  • Cheap insurance
  • Travel insurance that covers it all
  • Possibility to buy additional vacation – Up to 10 vacation days a year
  • Wide package of flexible wage benefits such as gross salary settlements

Development & Well-being

Another core point of focus is to ensure our employees’ development and well-being, which we investigate through an employee satisfaction survey on a yearly basis. The results from this is prepared year for year in general, and from the latest survey we can especially emphasize:

  • High employee participation – 98 % response rate
  • The result factor for “Well-being and motivation” at 8,1 (on a 10-scale)
  • The result factor for “Loyalty and commitment” at 8,4 (on a 10-scale)

These results combined with a close cooperation with the colleagues help us understand which areas that we need to work further with in order to ensure the employee satisfaction. In other words: At ALD you can expect a good and healthy work environment, where your well-being is put first.

Employee development interviews

We use employee development interviews to put focus on your personal and professional development, both through formal education but also via education at the job. The interview takes place twice a year and includes both determination of your personal goals for the upcoming year, as well as an evaluation of your performance and behavior the previous year. Also, you will continually be invited to informal meetings with your leader in order to focus at your performance and behavior in general.

Personal development

In the hunt of motivated and satisfied employees, we believe that it is essential to act as support for the individual employee’s personal and professional development. Therefore, all our employees get the opportunity to do skill development through formal education or via “on-the-job”-training.

Other than that, our employees can be sure to get the full support if their leisure time focuses on educational- or development activities that are relevant for the job content.

Social events

Finally, our, at least three, annual social events are something that we all look forward to every year so that we can all get to know each other even better. Among other things, we host a yearly summer party, a Christmas tree party where all families are welcome as well as a Christmas lunch party. Other than that, there are also loads of possibilities to be part of different leisure time-activities that are arranged on own initiative by several coworkers.