FAQ – Charging your electric vehicle

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_8  How do I charge my EV when I live in an apartment? 

If you live in an apartment, we highly recommend the Clever Complete Network subscription. This allows access to all Clever public charging stations and at your workplace. We recommend researching the possibilities with your employer or fleet administrator. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_2  How do I charge my EV at home?

With Clever Complete the installation of the charging station at your home is a part of the subscription. Therefore, you do not only get access to your own personal charger, but you are also able to use all public Clever charging stations. We recommend consulting your employer or fleet administrator regarding your personal agreement. 

Notice: it is your own responsibility to check if there are enough amps available. This can be done by contacting your utility company or by getting an electrician to check it. The charging station at your home draws 11 amps in full effect but Clever recommends having 25 amps at your disposal. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_13  How long does it take to charge your EV at home?

The charging time on an electric vehicle depends on the car’s battery size, which effect the charger has and with which effect the car can charge. Most electric vehicles are fully charged after charging it overnight. That way, the car will be ready to go in the morning. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_11  Is it possible to move my subscription to a different private address?

It is possible to move your subscription and charging station. There is an installation-fee when a new installation takes place. Make sure to talk to your employer or fleet administrator. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_12  Where can I charge my EV?

Clever has the largest charging network in Denmark. Therefore, you can find Clever’s charging stations most places in Denmark – both along highways, traffic hubs, in hundreds of parking lots, and many other places. 

You can find the nearest Clever-charger via Clever’s Map. You can also get an overview of other charging stations, and which are free or occupied. 

If you find yourself outside of the Danish boarders you will also find Clever’s charging stations – both in Germany, Sweden, and other Nordic countries. You can easily find charging stations while on the road by using Clever’s app.

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_13-1  How long does it take to charge an EV?

The time consumption for a full charge of an electric vehicle depends on the battery size, the current power on the battery, and the type of charging station, among other things. Typically, an ordinary full charge at the charging station at home will take 5 to 14 hours, which is usually not a problem, as it is simply done overnight. The public charging stations are often quicker, and if you need an even faster charge, you can use a supercharger, which you will find along the highways. With a supercharger, your battery can - depending on car type - be charged to 80 % in approximately 30 minutes but do note that it is also a more expensive charge-up.

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_14  When is my Clever subscription active?

The product you have chosen will be activated when you use the charging chip or your charging station at home for the first time. The charging chip is ready to use as soon as you receive it. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_15  Can I charge my EV outside the country?

With a charging chip from Clever, you will be able to use all Clever’s charging stations – also in Sweden, Norway, and Germany. You can find all Clever’s charging stations in Denmark and Europe via Clever’s Map

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_16  Why can I not charge my EV with a power outlet?

The power outlets in your home are not meant to draw such large amounts of power for the needed time an electric vehicle needs to recharge. Ergo using normal power outlets can be dangerous because they can, in the worst-case scenario, melt or become a fire-hazard. 

It is important to get a professional Clever-electrician to install the charging station to ensure the installation is done safely and comply with the legal requirements. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_17  When can I expect my charging station to be installed?

According to Clever, you can expect your charging station is installed 5 weeks after your final order is received. I.e., 5 weeks from the time Clever received the installation order. 

Read more about Clever’s charging station installation here.

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_18  Can other people charge their EV with my private charger?

Everyone can charge their electric vehicles with your private charger. Therefore, you can turn off the power or lock it to ensure no one else uses it. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_19  Can I charge using other charging networks?

Via your Clever-app you can start and pay for charging at five other public charging networks in Denmark: E.ON, Ionity, Allego, Spirii and Monta. The price per kWh is determined by the specific charging point operator and Clever does charge any fees. Charging via these charging networks is not included in your Clever subscription. You will receive a receipt for the charging within 72 hours after you finish charging. Notice that you can not start charging at the other charging networks by using your Clever-key. 

ALD_A_Ikon_Clever_20  How can I be reimbursed for the power that the installed charging station uses? 

Clever remotely reads your charging box and thereafter reimburses you for the power consumption of the charging station, which has been used to charge your car. The reimbursement follows the applicable repayment rate. 

Read more about reimbursement here.


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