We believe that satisfied employees create satisfied customers, so that this focus takes high priority throughout the organisation.

We therefore perform an annual employee satisfaction survey, which generally shows improved results, year by year. We can highlight the following results of the most recent survey:

  • High employee participation – 100% response rate
  • The result factor "Well-being and Motivation" increased from 8.2 to 8.6 (on a 10-point scale)
  • The result factor "Loyalty and Dedication" increased from 8.6 to 8.8 (on a 10-point scale)
  • 75% of our colleagues scored "9" or "10" for the question "Would you recommend others to apply for a job at ALD Automotive?"
  • We have an NPS Score of 48% – which is high in relation to the benchmark for our industry.

In 2014, we were also honoured to be among Denmark's Best Places to Work. Out of 125 participating organisations, ALD Automotive achieved a fine 16th place.

In close cooperation with our colleagues, we use the results of these surveys to identify areas to address, in order to maintain or further develop them and continue to achieve high employee satisfaction rates.

Besides ALD Automotive’s satisfaction survey in Denmark, our parent company, Société Générale, undertakes a biennial global satisfaction survey, called "Barometer". The survey concerns our employees’ opinion of strategy, management and employee development, for example, and the results place Denmark close to the top, compared to the global benchmark.

Employee development interviews

Employee development interviews are an important tool for focusing on managers’ and employees’ personal and professional development, through both formal education and job training. They take place annually and include goal-setting for the coming year and evaluation of performance, goal attainment and conduct during the previous year. In addition, throughout the year there are 1:1 meetings between managers and employees, with focus on both goals and conduct.

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