ALD offers many different services that make it easy to handle your company's fleet, and easy to run company cars. We can handle ALL aspects of running a leased company car.

ALD company car policy
Ordering a new company car is easy, and we make sure you get the best terms.
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ALD insurance
Our car insurance makes things easy for you as it is tied to the rest of your car scheme
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ALD Rental
We will also help you out with rental cars, if you need one for a short period of time.
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ALD customer service
A specific ALD employee is attached to your team, and is always ready to help you.
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ALD technical team
Our skilled technical team can keep your car in top shape, and are always ready to give you useful advice.
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ALD fuel
Fuel cards for your cars will ensure financial benefits and easy administration.
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ALD service link
Our unique service, whereby we collect your car before and return it after servicing, including car wash and valeting.
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ALD tyres
We cooperate with one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers, and changing tyres is easy.
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ALD breakdown assistance
Our breakdown service subscriptions can quickly help you on your way, if a car breaks down.
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ALD direct
If you just need a few cars and rapid costing, use our ALD direct team.
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ALD Key Account Team
Your fixed Key Account Manager knows your car fleet and is focused on optimised, overall solutions.
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