Advising on green cars in the fleet

We advise on green cars based on what is important to you: Finances and happy employees. Our advice is based on an analysis of the company and the employees focusing on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), so you are left with the full overview and can make decisions based on that.

 Here is how we advise you and find the best green solution for your fleet:



Which green company car should you choose?

With the new car taxations, it has never been more economically attractive to drive sustainably. The taxation of electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars has been lowered as a result of the Government favoring these types of cars. On the other hand, the taxation of non-chargeable hybrid cars has increased. Therefore, if you wish to drive both sustainably and economically, you must opt for an electric car or a plug-in hybrid.

However, we do not recommend that you choose a plug-in hybrid car unless you charge it frequently and use the electric motor as often as possible. Our estimated TCO for a plug-in hybrid car is based on the utilization of the electric motor, as well. If the electric motor is not being used, the actual TCO for a plug-in hybrid will be higher as the fuel expenses increase. This way, it becomes more expensive and far less green to drive a plug-in hybrid car if the hybrid technology is not used. Therefore, we only recommend that you choose a plug-in hybrid if it suits your driving structure and if you have charging options either at home or at your workplace.

At ALD Automotive, we offer personal and tailored car advising, so that you can lease the company car of your dreams which at the same time suits your needs and economy. Contact your car advisor at ALD to hear more. Our experts are always ready to help you drive greener.

Is your company ready for the green transition?

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