If the car is damaged

If your car is insured via ALD, on this page you can get information on what you must do if your car is damaged. We have our own claims department, to ensure rapid and flexible claims management.

To make this even easier, you can complete claims reports online at my.ald.dk

Replacement car - we pay the car hire!

If your company car is insured via us when it is damaged, we will offer you a replacement car, via selected workshops. Please note that the replacement car must be returned with a full fuel tank. If the replacement car is not returned with a full fuel tank, and if the agreed mileage is exceeded, the workshop will charge a fee that will be re-invoiced to you.

Click here to find a workshop that covers your car make in your area. Then you must call to inform them that your company car is insured via ALD. Since not all workshops have many replacement cars available, we recommend that, if possible, you book the repair work well in advance.

Going abroad

If you are planning to drive your company car abroad, there are some things to remember. You must first of all remember to bring along part 1 of your original registration certificate.

You also need to bring along the red card. You can download the SOS International app and bring the red card digitally through the app, or you can print the card from SOS International's website. The red card has no expiration date. The red card includes information about the emergency call center SOS International, which can be contacted 24 hours a day in case of an emergency or a breakdown. The card documents your car's comprehensive insurance and entitles you to road assistance, provision of spare parts, salvaging, help to start your car etc. In case of serious issues, the card entitles you to payment of unforeseen hotel stays and the like.
Read more about the full coverage of the red card on SOS International's app or website.

You no longer have to bring the green card when travelling within the EU or in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Andorra, and Serbia. However, if you are travelling in a country on this list, you need to bring the green card. The green card is proof that your car's public liability insurance is paid and covers the legislation of the specific country you are travelling in. The card is valid for one year. You are responsible for renewing it when it expires. If you are insured through ALD Insurance, you can order the green card by contacting us on +45 33 55 80 60 or at forsikring.dk@aldautomotive.com. If you are insured elsewhere, please contact your insurance company to order the green card.

Online claims history

As fleet administrator you can also log into my.ald.dk, under the "Rapporter" (Reports) tab to get a claims history for the overall car fleet.

Not an insurance customer yet?

If you do not have insurance with us, contact ALD Insurance on tel.no. +45 33 55 80 60 for details of the insurance we can offer your company. We have wide range of insurance cover, at a competitive price, with the added benefit that everything about the fleet is gathered in one place. Read more about our insurance.