Where are my tyres stored?

You can log in at My ALD to see where your tyres are stored.

Online booking to switch to summer/winter tyres

If your tyres are stored with Superdæk or Euromaster, you can book online using the following addresses. Alternatively, you can contact ALD's technical department on tel.no. (+45) 3355 8080.

Remember to book in good time, when more slots are available. This will avoid having to wait - for example if you have not switched to winter tyres when the first snow falls.

Specifically concerning winter tyres

If you get a new company car during the period from15 October to 28 February, and winter tyres are included, the car will automatically be delivered with winter tyres. Note that, as standard, winter tyres are issued on steel rims without hubcaps.

Rules for use of winter tyres, studded tyres and snow chains in Europe

In some other European countries, winter tyres are mandatory in certain periods. If you make frequent trips abroad, or go on skiing holidays, you should read more here about the rules for using winter tyres, studded tyres and snow chains in Europe.

Wear indicator

All of our leased vehicles run on tyres equipped with wear indicators. The tyre needs to be replaced when the indicator is level with the main tread. 

When worn tyres need to be replaced, you can contact one of our partners directly - log into my.ald.dk for an overview. Remember to bring your service card.

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