Fitting-out of vans

If the van is to be used for anything other than delivering goods, there is every chance that it needs special fitting-out, to support the driver's work. We can help with special fitting-out, so that the vehicle is ready for use on delivery.

 At ALD your leased van can be fitted out exactly as you require for the work to be done. We work closely with Sortimo, which is one of the market's best suppliers of specialised fitting-out of vehicles. They have many different solutions for customising the vehicle for the function it is to support. 

Specialised fitting-out of vans to match job function

The van can be fitted out piece by piece, according to your requirements. We also offer turnkey solutions for various trades such as electrical installation, plumbing and ventilation, carpentry and joinery, and service and assembly. This solution is based on many years' experience of what specific trades require. 

Contact our van experts

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