Film wrapping of vans

It must be easy to get a van onto the road. We can take care of everything, so the van is ready to get to work as soon as it is delivered.

Film wrapping of vans is a key element of the company's branding. A strikingly decorated van sends a professional signal, ensuring that the van is noticed in any setting. 

We cooperate with carefully selected suppliers of film wraps for vehicles, and we can handle this before you take delivery of the vehicle. 

Both protection and PR value

There are many possibilities, from logo and phone number, to full film wrapping of the entire vehicle. Full film wrapping presents several advantages. Besides the obvious PR value, it also protects the car's paintwork from scratches and e.g. bird droppings, and has long durability. It is important to use a professional supplier with a lot of film wrapping experience, so that the paintwork is not damaged when the film is removed again. 

REMEMBER that, as a minimum, vans must display a company registration number and company name. 

Contact us about film wrapping at or +45 33 55 80 00.

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