About vans in particular

Whether you are a large Group with several hundred cars, a small company with a few external sales reps, or a contractor in need of specially fitted vans, we have the right solution for you.

Our overall fleet consists of around 50/50 passenger cars and vans, and we have almost 25,000 vehicles in total on the road in Denmark. We can therefore confidently claim that we can help you to find exactly the vehicles you need, based on our extensive experience. 

We can deliver every make of van, so we can be certain to match your requirements. You will also benefit from our procurement agreements as one of Denmark's largest car providers.

Full solution ready for use

We offer an all-in solution whereby your new vehicle on commercial licence plates is delivered fully fitted to match the use of the vehicle, such as shelves and wooden base and any decoration, towbar, etc. This saves you a lot of time and safeguards your company's mobility. We also always offer highly-qualified advice on the choice of vehicle and its optimum fitting-out. 

No unexpected costs

With ALD service leasing, there are no unexpected costs, as this concept includes full service, maintenance and tyres. A fuel card, with significant discounts, can also be included, once again thanks to our good procurement agreements.