TestZone 2023: Impressive turnout and 1005 test drives

TestZone 2023: Impressive turnout and 1005 test drives

This year's TestZone events took place during the first two weekends of June, respectively in Fredericia and Taastrup in collaboration with our sister company, NF Fleet. At ALD Automotive, we want to thank you for the tremendous support.

During TestZone 2023, our customers who will be selecting a new company car within the next year had the opportunity to test drive a wide selection of cars gathered in one place. There was a significant interest from our customers in this regard, and with a choice of over 100 cars, primarily electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, but there were also a couple of gasoline and diesel options. It was a unique occasion to explore a broad range of new cars, sit behind the wheel of different brands and models, and across the two weekends, there were a total of 1,005 test drives. We also took the chance to provide guidance to our customers and assist in making their decision process about their next company car easier.

"TestZonen is about getting our customers to try out a variety of cars in the same location, without having to visit multiple car dealers. The idea is to promote the green transition, and that's why we have a significant number of electric cars. In fact, 80% of the cars we had on display were electric cars today. The unique aspect is that customers don't have to deal with different dealers, each with their own brand preferences. We remain objective and let customers try out all the different models and brands they're interested in – all in one place," said Lene Dragsbæk, Head of Sales at ALD Automotive Denmark.


Sustainable mobility in high demand

Once again, there was significant interest in electric cars at TestZonen this year, and we are increasingly seeing both companies and drivers seeking sustainable mobility solutions. Therefore, attendees at this year's events had the opportunity to ask questions to a Clever representative about everything from charging stations to finances. You can read more about charging your company car here.

The top five most test-driven cars this year also revealed that electric cars were highly sought after:

  1. Tesla Model Y
  2. BMW i4
  3. Audi Q4 e-tron
  4. Polestar 2
  5. Audi Q8

At ALD Automotive, we place great emphasis on green transition and we focus on promoting sustainable mobility. We were delighted to witness the substantial interest. You can read more about sustainable mobility at ALD Electric here.

We extend our gratitude for the excellent atmosphere and immense enthusiasm we experienced both during and after the events. We are already looking forward to next year.