Exciting electric vehicle launches in 2022

Exciting electric vehicle launches in 2022

At ALD Automotive, we are very excited to see the latest developments in the car industry. There is no doubt about we are facing a more sustainable future, where the vast majority of our customers will drive electric company cars. There will be launched more electric vehicles in 2022, than we have seen so far, and we have described some of the most interesting electric vehicle launches below.

Mercedes EQE

This summer, the 100 % electric Mercedes EQE is arriving. The car is a pleasure to look at with its luxurious design and elegant lines. It combines modern aesthetics with technical innovation, which can be seen in the futuristic digital cockpit in the form of a MBUX Hyperscreen.

Even more important to point out is that the Mercedes EQE has one of the most effective electric ranges ever seen. The car has an electric range up to 660 km (WLTP) and is, therefore, especially ideal for long distances both in- and outside the country.

Mercedes EQB

Mercedes EQB is the first seven-seater electric vehicle in the premium class. The vehicle is ideal for a big family that does not want to compromise their need for luxury, which the Mercedes EQB can offer them. In addition to that, the Mercedes EQB is very comfortable and has a spacious cabin and luggage compartment, as well as an intelligent safety system that makes the vehicle safe and easy to drive. The two four-wheel-drive vehicles have respectively 228 and 292 horse powers and an electric range equivalent to 419 km (WLTP). The vehicle is also available with five seats.

Mercedes EQB is particularly a nice family car in the luxury segment, which is also reflected in the price. The base tax starts at DKK 429,000. Nevertheless, you get a very well-run car for your money.

Kia EV6

Kia EV6 is one of the most demanded electric vehicles at ALD Automotive. The crossover is not only a delight for the eye with its modern and muscular design, but it also features revolutionary technology. EV6 is Kia’s first electric vehicle to be manufactured on an Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which ensures a long electric range, ultra-fast charging time, spacious interior and zero CO2 emissions while driving.

The vehicle is a quality car that has a spacious and comfortable cabin size, innovative technologies, and sustainable elements. Furthermore, the vehicle is very effective with an electric range up to 394 km (WLTP) as a Standard Range and a Long-Range equivalent to 528 km (WLTP). The tax base for a Kia EV6 starts at DKK 326,468.  

Fisker Ocean

The launch of the Fisker Ocean is one of the greatest highlights of 2022. Behind Fisker Ocean is the Danish/American designer and manufacturer Henrik Fisker, who has announced that the car will be introduced to the Danish market at a competitive price at the end of 2022.

Fisker Ocean is fully electric and has many exciting features. One of the features is SolarSky, which is a revolutionary solar panel roof that generates free energy and supports the car’s battery powered engine. Furthermore, the car has innovative and rotating center screens, an automatic parking system and an intelligent Fisker App that offers direct communication with your car. The basic version has 275 horse powers and an electric range up to 440 km (WLTP).


BMW’s future looks very promising with its new electric vehicle launches. The BMW IX3 is no exception. The model is a luxurious SUV with a sporty design and aerodynamic elements. The car’s interior also reflects this, with its Sensatec sports seats, leather wheel, panorama roof and digital cockpit. Furthermore, the car comes with numerous digital services such as the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and Digital Key – which means that you can lock and unlock your car with your phone.

The BMW IX3 is a fantastic electric vehicle and has an electric range up to 461 km (WLTP) and a charging-rate at 90 km in 10 min. (charged at a high-power charging station). The tax base for the BMW IX3 starts at DKK 493,000.

BMX i4

The fully electrical BMW i4 is based on an already existing model; BMW4-series Gran Coupé. Therefore, the model is not limited by lack of space in the cabin or luggage compartment, like many other electric vehicles. BMW i4 is optimal for someone that does not wish to stand out from the majority but requires the same driving experience as the classic BMW 4-series Gran Coupé offers.

The fully electric model, which will be launched in the spring of 2022, has an official electric range up to 585 km (WLTP) and 340 horse powers. The base tax for a BMW i4 starts at DKK 459,775.


Volvo C40

Volco C40 is one of Volvo’s first electric crossovers and has an extremely elegant and streamlined design. The car is one of the most effective and fast electric vehicles we have seen so far – and it is actually Volvos fastest car with impressing 408 horse powers. The electric vehicle comes with an electric range of up to 444 km (WLTP) and the tax base starts at DKK 352,000.

Volvo C40 depicts Volvo’s future values of a more sustainable and respectful use of material as well as a wish to only produce electric vehicles within the next eight years. The car comes, as a standard, with sustainable interior, glass roof and an integrated Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play.


Renault Mégane E-tech

This spring 2022, the new Renault Mégane E-tech will be launched, which – according to Renault – is their best electric vehicle so far. Renault Mégane E-tech comes in two models: with either 40 or 60 kW-batteries and with either 130 or 218 horse powers. Moreover, the electric range of the two models are 300 km and 470 km (WLTP).

The car has a compact sedan carrosserie, which gives it an interesting look. Furthermore, it offers, like Volvo C40, an integrated Google-solution, which makes it easy to manage the car – both with the help of Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play. In general, you get a really nice driving experience with a Renault Mégane E-tech.

The tax base starts from DKK 245,725.

VW ID. 5

The completely electric VW ID.5 is expected to be introduced in Denmark in spring 2022. The car is an elegant symbiosis of a SUV and coupé and offers sublime and effective driving capabilities.

Even though there are not big differences between ID. 4 and ID. 5, the newest model comes with an even faster charging time. This means that with a fast charger, it is possible to charge the car with up to 390 km on max. 30 min. Another upgrade is the car’s spacious trunk with its 549 liters. Moreover, the car’s software is significantly enhanced with its voice control, over the air-updates, and an enhanced Park Assist Plus (comes as extra equipment).


At ALD Automotive, we are excited to see the great development and the improved selection of green vehicles. The nine models above are just a selection of some of the many new electric vehicles that will be launched during 2022. Consequently, there are plenty of opportunities to find an electric vehicle that fits your needs, economy, and taste.

If you are interested in one of the electric vehicles above as your next company car, or if you wish to know more about corporate leasing of green vehicles, our experts are always here to guide you.

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