Here are some case stories featuring a selection of our customers. They describe why they picked ALD and the benefits for their companies.

"I feel that I'm in safe hands when we return leased vehicles to ALD," Ole Sørensen, Finance Assistant.
"7-Eleven is known for good, easy and rapid service - which I also find at ALD," Rikke Rye, HR Manager
Henkel Norden
"ALD has the financial clout to ensure stability as a global partner," Robert Larsen, Director HR, Purchasing & Compliance Manager
HOH Water Technology
"ALD wins with its comprehensive leasing package, which only few can offer," Henrik Forslund, CEO
Ikano Bank
"ALD is a reliable choice, as one of the largest leasing companies in the market," Johnny Qvist, Credit & Operations Manager
Renault Trucks
"In order to manage a shared Nordic company car scheme, we need to cooperate easily and quickly - which we do," Michelle Poulsen, Nordic HR Manager
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